Vanessa Lira - Venezuela - Daphne

Hail Hail nerd herd of the stars!!  Pull up a couch, get a cup of tea and settle in for Boomer has a tale to tell!!  T’was once a god named Apollo who was arrogant beyond compare.  He had no love for other gods, and insulted them true and bare.  One insult struck deep in the heart of Eros, the god of passion & love.  To get back at Apollo he crafted two arrows and took off in haste to the mountain above.  High on his perch with an arrow of gold he launched deep into Apollos' heart.  Another he loosed at young Daphne, but made of lead and it drove them far apart.  As Apollo lusted after young Daphne, she despised him and hid and ran.  But Apollo’s pursuit was relentless and hard and young Daphne collapsed lifeless in the sand.  In a desperate plea of exhaustion and fear she called to her father high above. "Father Peneus, god of earth and river, save me from this perverse and forsaken love".  Hearing his daughter plea, he stepped in without hesitation.  He turned his daught er into the laurel tree bringing Apollo’s advances into cessation.

Sci Fi Café, it is with deepest pride and great pleasure that I get to introduce you to Ms. Vanessa Lira from Venezuela.  I adore the piece she has created with the colors, the inspiration, the strength and beauty it represents. Wall space at my house is a hot commodity, so I can’t hang all the commissions I do, but this one is framed and hung.

We dropped off a few questions to see the woman behind the talent.  Take a read on what Vanessa had to say.

Where do you live?

Caracas, Venezuela

How old are you?

26 years old

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was able to hold a pencil, but formally since age 7.

Did you have formal training, or are self-taught, or both?

I would say both.

What’s your favorite Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie and why?

The Pan’s Labyrinth. I just love how Guillermo del Toro seamlessly opened the gap between the mythical realm and the physical one, narrating a dark yet beautiful fairy tale.  

If you had to choose: Firefly, Star Trek, Battle Star Galatica, Dr. Who, or The Simpsons?

Dr. Who

What inspired the piece you did for Sci-Fi Café?

The Myth of Apollo and Daphne

Do you do anything else for a living, or just art?

I am a freelance illustrator and fine artist as well as a Private Tutor

What’s your favorite movie quote?

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”   – Rafiki,

What’s one thing you would want people to know about you?

I am a cat in spirit who believes in fairies.

Do you have an embarrassing story you’d like to share with the café?

Well… I suffer from something called vasovagal syncope, basically just a fancy way to say I faint easily and for many reasons. One day I was on my way to UNI and I was really stressed because I hadn´t finished the final illustration for class, I started becoming dizzy due to the stress and thought that a good excuse to not arrive to class would be fainting … well it wasn´t. I fell flat on my face and broke my tooth… still dealing with the consequences of that fall today.


OUCH Vanessa!

Vanessa doesn’t have a portfolio site, but is working on getting one, so stay tuned!  I liked this so much that I broke my own rule.  There are so so many talented and wonderful artists out there that I only do one commission from them for Sci Fi Café.  Buuuuuttt, you might see another one from Vanessa in the near future.  Haha.  What good are rules if you can’t break them every now and again? 

 Til next time Sci Fi Café!  Keep on creating and never stop dreaming!!!