Josh Wise - USA - A Quiet Place

HAIL HAIL nerd heard of the stars!! What a glorious day it is today because we all get to celebrate this stunning piece by the incredibly talented Josh Wise! This work is entitled “A Quiet Place” and instantly captures the heart and imagination! This is one of those works of art you can just look at for a really long time. The colors are brilliant and to look at the little man on the tip of that giant finger makes you want to know his life! When I first saw this the style I thought of Peter Max, but after reading Josh’s responses to the creator questions, he had a different influence in mind! Let’s get to know Josh a bit more!

Where do you live?
I live in Northwest Arkansas, USA.

How old are you?

How long have you been drawing?
I've been drawing from a very early age - it's one of my earliest memories.

Did you have formal training or self-taught, or both?
No formal training in illustration - mainly self-taught. Formal illu stration in Graphic Design.

What's your favorite Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie? Why?
As for Science Fiction, "The Matrix" ranks number one because it helped transform how we perceive action and space in movies from that point forward.  As for Fantasy, the movie "Hero" because it has lush color palettes and is visually interesting to watch.

What is your favorite movie quote?
"The problem is choice." -- Neo, The Matrix

If you had to choose: Firefly, Star Trek, Battle Star Galatica, Dr. Who or The Simpsons?
Dr. Who.

What inspired the piece you did for Sci-Fi Café?
Moebius has been a focus of my attention over the past year. His work opened up new ways of thinking about space, about detail, about color. Some of his works were so beautiful in their simplicity, but others were so detail-thronged that the eye continuously moved around the piece. His works offer a lot of inspiration.

What do you do for a living, if not full time from your art?

I'm primarily a Graphic Designer, though I have illustrated 4 children's books in the past 5 years.

What’s one thing you would want people to know about you?
Art is part of who I am, a gift I can neither explain nor ignore.

Is there a fun but embarrassing story you want to share with the café?
As a young boy living in the 80's, I found He-Man to be a subject of admiration. My dad fashioned a wooden sword for me. In an effort to be more like He-Man I could often be found nude, running through our yard, swinging the sword at imaginary enemies. At my most conservative, I would run around simply in underwear during the warm-weather seasons, though I was known to prefer nudity to really vanquish Skeletor and his minions. The embarrassment remains because it is a story that has oft been recalled in my family and with my friends. Se la vie.

There you have it! I guess it was the bright and bold colors at first glance that made me think of Peter Max, but Moebius was his muse and I can totally see that now. If you are not familiar Moebius was a pseudonym for French artist Jean Henri who lived from 1938 to 2012. He created a wide range of science fiction and fantasy comics in a surreal and abstract style. Use the google, you will see how Moebius influenced our friend Josh and will help appreciate the work all the more!

 I have to side with Josh on the attire in which to vanquish Skeletor. Being in the buff gives it a more authentic Spartan Master of the Universe vibe. And if that Castle Grayskull Sorceress wasn’t the sassiest flirt on TV in the 80’s I don’t know who was.

Till next time Sci Fi Café! Keep on creating and never stop dreaming!!!