Shady Curi - Bolivia - Dark Force Ambush

Hail Hail nerd herd of the stars!! Check out this amazing piece done by the very talented Shady!  Let get to know him a bit more!!

Q: Where do you live?

A: La Paz, Bolivia.

Q:  How old are you?

A: 36.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: 6 Years.

Q: Did you have formal training or self-taught, or both.

A: Both, I started out learning by myself and later on took online courses on different subjects such as figure  drawing or environment painting.

Q: What’s your favorite Science Fiction or Fantasy Movie?

A:There are  so many awesome movies out there, Terminator 2, Return of the Jedi, Blade runner, Alien are some of my all time favorites. They tell great stories. 

Q: What inspired the piece you did for Sci-Fi Café?

A: I was inspired by mythological creatures, nature and big cats, wanted to tell a story where a centaur is being ambushed by a pack of panthers, that are being commanded by a dark force.

Q: Where can Café members see your work?


Q: Favorite movie quote?

A: I’ll be back!

Q: What’s one thing you would want Sci-Fi Cafe to know about you?

A: I’m a cybernetic organism.

Q: Got an embarrassing story you want to share?

A:  One time at a college party I kicked a guy in the back pretty hard thinking it was an old friend with whom we always used to do those types of pranks, turned out it was someone else...

Til next time !