Shady Curi - Bolivia - Dark Force Ambush

Hail Hail nerd herd of the stars!! Check out this amazing piece done by the very talented Shady!  Let get to know him a bit more!!

Q: Where do you live?

A: La Paz, Bolivia.

Q:  How old are you?

A: 36.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: 6 Years.

Q: Did you have formal training or self-taught, or both.

A: Both, I started out learning by myself and later on took online courses on different subjects such...

Annie Z. - USA - Luthien

HAIL HAIL Nerd Heard of the Stars!!  We have another talented artist to feature on Sci-Fi Cafe!   Let's learn more about Annie Z and her Sci-Fi Cafe piece called Luthien.

Q: Where do you live and how old are you?

A: I live in South East Michigan and am 27 years old.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: Ever since I can remember. As a kid I was constantly drawing and painting.

Q: Did you have formal training or self-taught,...

Igor Krstic - Serbia - The Banshee

HAIL HAIL Nerd Herd of the Stars!!!  What a glorious piece I have for you today!!  "The Banshee" was crafted by the amazingly talented Igor Krstic from Serbia!!  Igor loves to draw things that go bump in the night .. or under your bed.  muwahahaha.  cheeky

Let's get to know him a bit...

Josh Wise - USA - A Quiet Place

HAIL HAIL nerd heard of the stars!! What a glorious day it is today because we all get to celebrate this stunning piece by the incredibly talented Josh Wise! This work is entitled “A Quiet Place” and instantly captures the heart and imagination! This is one of those works of art you can just look at for a really long time. The colors are brilliant and to look at the little man on the tip of that giant finger makes you want to know his life! When I first saw this the style I...

Vanessa Lira - Venezuela - Daphne

Hail Hail nerd herd of the stars!!  Pull up a couch, get a cup of tea and settle in for Boomer has a tale to tell!!  T’was once a god named Apollo who was arrogant beyond compare.  He had no love for other gods, and insulted them true and bare.  One insult struck deep in the heart of Eros, the god of passion & love.  To get back at Apollo he crafted two arrows and took off in haste to the mountain above.  High on his perch with an arrow...